About Sun Tours

In 2024, Sun Tours will be celebrating it’s 32 year anniversary! Sun Tours is both a local Blackfeet tribal business operating on the Blackfeet Reservation, and a National Park Concessionaire.

Sun Tours is currently owned and operated by Ed DesRosier. Residing locally in the St. Mary valley, Ed and his wife Toni are members of the Blackfeet and Assiniboine Sioux Tribes, respectively. If you would like more information about the history and tumultuous beginnings of Sun Tours, and its founder Ed, below are some brief historical facts regarding the inception and early days of Sun Tours, as well as some awards given over the years.

Ed approached the National Park Service to explore the inclusion of Native Blackfeet history and cultural aspects to our original ancestral territory, which is now known as Glacier National Park. At that time, the Parks existing interpretation of Blackfeet culture and connection was vacant and minimal. As a lifetime resident of the Blackfeet Reservation, Ed envisioned Blackfeet Guides possessing extensive knowledge and all-encompassing history and experience of the landscape of Glacier National Park’s inhabited areas: Park history, animal species, common plants and roots used for nutrition and medicine; and the spiritual and philosophical perspectives/stories of the Blackfeet people.

History of Sun Tours

Sun Tours became a reality in 1992, with the vision of success and sharing knowledge of this fascinating place. It has been Sun Tours’ Mission to educate and inspire all to a higher respect, appreciation, and understanding of the Blackfeet world.

Through Concession Reform and grass roots efforts with the entire Blackfeet Tribal Community, a new Concession Contract was awarded to SUN TOURS in 1993.

In 2005, Ed was appointed to serve on the Montana Governors Tourism Advisory Council and, again, for a second 5 year term until 2013.

Additionally, Ed was honored as one of the Finalists for the Montana Tourism Ambassador Award in 2016 and received the award in 2018.

In 2019, Ed was also awarded a prestigious spot in the “Native Business Top 50 Entrepreneurs” highlighting the continued success of Sun Tours as a Native Company, and the broader impact he has had on Native Tourism and Indian Country.

As a Blackfeet Tribal Board Member, Ed has served on the Blackfeet Tribe’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department and is a current member of the East Glacier and Blackfeet Country Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout his professional career and personal work, he has traveled extensively throughout Montana and the Northwest United States networking with many Tribes and organizations, by sharing his Tourism Business experience and passion.

A good story on Ed DesRosier, we refer you to the book “Indian Country – God’s Country”, Philip Burnham, Island Press. There is a great article entitled “David and Goliath”.